He offers plain talk in plain language, without resorting to the jargon of pedagogy. Professor Johnson Unhinged should be required reading in every teacher methodology and parenting class.
Tom Phelan
English Teacher - 30 years, Monassas, VA

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Transform the school, transform society.

You begin to wonder if you are ever going to get out of school when you realize: no, you're not. Your students will graduate eventually but you are stuck there in some kind of time warp, always being told what to do, always answering to the adults above you. It's strange being treated like a kid when you're fifty.
Professor Johnson Unhinged - Section on Teaching

7 Minute Lecture Series


01. Introduction
(7 minute Lectures)

02. How to Create a Dropout
(Positive Behavior Shaping)

03. The Phone Call
(Reward Effort)