Having been an educator for 39 years in Detroit, Michigan, who awakened every day loving the work and many hours spent in this profession of choice, I know much of what Hoatson writes. His great insight into teaching, parenting and student violence hits you full-face. He captures your attention and emotions.....
Jack Hild
Teacher-39 years. Author of "The Barrabas Run" and "The Plains of Fire". One of the original "Flying Tigers"

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Support and learn about Bill's efforts to instill his humane and effective teaching methods, in the home and in the school, by purchasing one of his books.

Transform the school, transform society.

7 Minute Lecture Series - 2. How to Create a Dropout

Bill illustrates how "raising the bar" is an ineffective method of motivating children to learn. He proposes a method that has worked for him in his many years as a teacher to the children others deemed unteachable.

Now, the lesson to all this is, if people have to resort to alcohol to combat boredom, that is definetly not a good sign. I am a firm believer that nothing happens to you without a reason, so actively try to remember your terrible classroom experiences. They were given to you for a reason. They are signposts of what NOT to do.
Professor Johnson Unhinged - Section on Teaching

7 Minute Lecture Series


01. Introduction
(7 minute Lectures)

02. How to Create a Dropout
(Positive Behavior Shaping)

03. The Phone Call
(Reward Effort)