Bill Hoatson did a great job presenting his Parent/Student success lecture. He was very inspiring and informative. He spoke with a down home touch that was easy to understand. I have worked with children with disabilities for a long time, but I have never heard such an inspiring lecture. I look forward to another lecture and another book.
Marshall Williams
Administrator- Quincy, Fl

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I want to apologize to anybody who has tried to access this website recently. As you may have noticed, it has been frozen in time for quite awhile. I have been having huge problems with my publisher and have been working feverishly to get my books into the hands of a good one. (Self-publishers beware, there are more land mines in self-publishing than along the Korean border.) So, for right now, please don't try and purchase a book.

I am also reconfiguring the website. I have written 75 more "Rethinking Education" columns than are currently available here. They will be posted soon. ( I have a weekly column in the Gadsden County Times, and approx. bi-weekly in the Tallahassee Democrat. My aim has always been to use my 40+ years experience in teaching children, many from disadvantaged backgrounds, to create a model for success teaching in a humane way. I try to guide teachers, parents and children alike in effective, positive and , heaven forbid joyful methods of education. Schools should not have the atmosphere of a Dickens-type drudge factory.

Anyway, thank you for looking at the website - it will be back bigger, better and stronger once I get my publishing situation figured out. In the meantime, there are dozens of my blogs (newspaper columns) still on this website. Feel free.

Actually, this handicapped label isn't necessarily all bad for him. Now he doesn't have to do any work. Chemistry? "No, I can't do that." Algebra? "No, I can't do that either. And I've got the papers to prove it."
Professor Johnson Unhinged - Section on Teaching

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01. Introduction
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02. How to Create a Dropout
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03. The Phone Call
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