Bill Hoatson did a great job presenting his Parent/Student success lecture. He was very inspiring and informative. He spoke with a down home touch that was easy to understand. I have worked with children with disabilities for a long time, but I have never heard such an inspiring lecture. I look forward to another lecture and another book.
Marshall Williams
Administrator- Quincy, Fl

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Kids are funny. It's never really about money, it's about power. I have been on guard duty at the back gate of a football stadium and seen kids scale a barbed wire fence to save a buck. Now, it's beneath their dignity to bend over and pick up a dime but they are willing to rip their leg off for ten of them. This is obviously not about dimes. These young men had a power point to prove.
Professor Johnson Unhinged - Section on Teaching

7 Minute Lecture Series


01. Introduction
(7 minute Lectures)

02. How to Create a Dropout
(Positive Behavior Shaping)

03. The Phone Call
(Reward Effort)