He offers plain talk in plain language, without resorting to the jargon of pedagogy. Professor Johnson Unhinged should be required reading in every teacher methodology and parenting class.
Tom Phelan
English Teacher - 30 years, Monassas, VA

Bill's Books

Support and learn about Bill's efforts to instill his humane and effective teaching methods, in the home and in the school, by purchasing one of his books.

Transform the school, transform society.

Bill Hoatson’s Lectures on Creating Successful Children

Bill Hoatson, author of “Mr. Harrison’s Classroom: A Documentary,” “Lesson’s Learned the Hard Way: 16 Things Every Teacher Should Know,” “Second Period at the Center,” and “Professor Johnson Unhinged: Lectures on Teaching and Parenting,” wishes to use his 30 years of experience as an educator to help teachers, children and parents succeed. His focus is on all children, but especially those that come from stressed or disadvantaged backgrounds.
Lecture Titles
1). “How to Create Successful Children from Unsuccessful Backgrounds: 16 Things Every Teacher Should Know.”
If you can’t hear Mr. Hoatson in person, get a copy of his book “Lessons Learned the Hard Way: 16 Things Every Teacher Should Know.” It is his entertaining lecture in book form. For a lecture outline, please click here.
2). “How to Create Successful Children: 16 Things Every Parent Should Know.”
( To read a funny but informative parent lecture given to teenagers, get a copy Bill Hoatson’s “Professor Johnson Unhinged: Lectures on Teaching and Parenting.)
For a lecture outline, please click here.
3). “How to get the best effort from each student, bond the school with the parent and generally make teachers and everybody else happy: The workings of the Miracle Mascot Behavior Shaping system.”
This stunningly simple but highly effective method of getting the best out of all children can be used in any school, anywhere, and it costs NOTHING. It is based on Bill Hoatson’s theories of creating successful children. The lecture can be found in entirety in book form. It is the last chapter in “Lessons Learned the Hard Way: 16 Things Every Teacher Should Know,” and is highly recommended for anybody working with children.
All lectures are $425 each and can run from one to two hours, depending on the time allotted. (Travel expense, if necessary, is not included.) Prices can be negotiated if multiple lectures are desired. Prices can also be negotiated for the simple reason that Bill Hoatson is more interested in helping children than in money, and loves doing this. He does have to eat, however, so keep that in mind.
Bill Hoatson can be contacted at: billhoatson@childachievement.com or billhoatson@yahoo.com. Please let him know if there is some way that he can serve you.

(The breakroom is organized chaos. Sara, Bob and Angela light up cigarettes and everybody lines up to get sodas) Phil: What's up with the breakroom? I mean, isn't there some correlation between physical health and mental health? Just look in there, It's like an opium den with junk food.
Second Period at the Center

7 Minute Lecture Series


01. Introduction
(7 minute Lectures)

02. How to Create a Dropout
(Positive Behavior Shaping)

03. The Phone Call
(Reward Effort)